The Last Hope

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Maggie Hope has come a long way since she was Mr. Churchill’s secretary. In the face of tremendous danger, she’s learned espionage, sabotage, and reconnaissance. But things are different now that she has so much to lose, including the possibility of a family with John Sterling, the man who’s long held her heart.

British Intelligence has ordered Maggie to assassinate Werner Heisenberg, the physicist who may deliver a world-ending fission bomb for Germany. She’s shaken by the assignment. An assassination is unlike anything she’s ever done. How can the Allies even be sure Nazi Germany has a bomb? Determined to gather more information, Maggie travels to Madrid, where Heisenberg is visiting for a lecture.

At the same time, couturier Coco Chanel has requested a meeting with her. Chanel, a spy in her own right, with ambiguous loyalties, is meeting with the British Ambassador in Madrid — and has requested Maggie join them. And Chanel provides the perfect cover for Maggie’s trip to Spain. The two play cat and mouse as Maggie tries to get a better understanding of Heisenberg. But the most shocking curveball is from the most intimate player: Maggie’s own mother has kept a hand in the war… and has secrets of her own to share.

Maggie desperately wants to find her “happily ever after,” but as the war reaches a fever pitch, the stakes keep rising. The choices she makes will reverberate around the globe, touching everyone she loves — with fateful implications for the future of the free world.

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Mother Daughter Traitor Spy

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Mother Daughter Traitor SpyJune 1940. France has fallen to the Nazis, and Britain may be next — but to many Americans, the war is something happening “over there.” Veronica Grace has just graduated from college; she and her mother, Violet, are looking for a fresh start in sunny Los Angeles. After a blunder cost her a prestigious career opportunity in New York, Veronica is relieved to take a typing job in L.A. — only to realize that she’s working for one of the area’s most vicious propagandists.

Overnight, Veronica is exposed to the dark underbelly of her new home, where German Nazis are recruiting Americans for their devastating campaign. After the FBI dismisses the Graces’ concerns, Veronica and Violet decide to call on an old friend, who introduces them to L.A.’s anti-Nazi spymaster.

The women go undercover to gather enough information about the California Reich to take to the authorities. But they longer they stay, the more the Grace women realize that the plots they’re investigating are far more sinister than they feared — and even a single misstep could cost them everything.

Inspired by the real mother-daughter spy duo who foiled Nazi plots in Los Angeles during WWII, Mother Daughter Traitor Spy is a powerful portrait of family, duty, and deception that raises timeless questions about America — and what it means to have courage in the face of terror.

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