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Mr. Churchill’s Secretary (Bantam Dell/Random House, April 2012)

Mr. Churchill's SecretaryMay 1940. As England stands alone against imminent Nazi invasion, betrayal and treachery threaten to bring her down from within.

Do you identify with Maggie? If so, what did you identify with in her?

At what point in the book were you most caught up in her decisions?

Which secondary character did you like the best? Which did you like the least? Why? Did you change your opinion of these people as the novel progressed and more information was revealed about them?

What’s the single most important decision or realization that Maggie made during the course of the book?

Did you find Maggie’s character believable? Are there situations where she acted inconsistently with her character?

If you could change one trait or action of Maggie, what would it be?

Did Maggie grow and change over the course of the novel? How?

How else would you like to see Maggie grow and change after the events of the novel?

How does the book reflect the time period or culture in which it was published? Were the depictions accurate?

Were you surprised at the twists in the plot? If so, which ones?

Which betrayal to you think is worse for Maggie — Aunt Edith’s or her father’s?

Does this book inspire you to read more? If so, what does it make you want to read?

Since women were limited in their choices of jobs, what job would you have chosen or attempted to obtain? Would you have sent your children to the countryside to be safe?

What would have been the hardest part of rationing for you? For example: The characters cope with rationing, bombing raids, and clothing coupons, as well of other wartime necessities.