Traveling to Arisaig, where Britain’s WWII Agents Trained

So happy to be in Arisaig, Scotland — where Britain’s SOE agent trainees did their paramilitary training during World War II.

Now Arisaig House (which was used as the command center) is a lovely hotel and restaurant. (Thank goodness—I’d flunk out of one of those courses within a week if not sooner!)

Here are some photos you might enjoy:

Arisaig House in the distance.

Yes, it’s official —we’re in the right place!

The flower gardens were victory gardens during WWII.

It’s a dog’s best life.

The current croquet lawn is where the SOE agents practiced jujitsu and Fairborne Sykes knife fighting. 9Our croet matches have become heated, but not that violent…)

Taken shortly before I collapsed into a lovely nap.

And you get their by the Jacobite Steam train, a la Harry Potter!