Big news here: just turned in THE PRISONER IN THE CASTLE, Maggie Hope #8 to my editor. It’s scheduled to be published on August 7, 2018!

Also, great news about THE PARIS SPY! It made the New York Times, Washington Post, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, and is currently in its third printing after less than three months on sale!

2 Replies to “THE PRISONER IN THE CASTLE, Maggie Hope 8!”

  1. It is great that her Maggie Hope books are doing so well. They are fascinating books to read, I have read many other of her books and they are just as interesting and historically correct. Thank you very much for all of them, and please continue to write more. They are so loved and appreciated!!

  2. I have just read all 7 of your Maggie Hope books in the last 6 days! Excellent reading! I'm not sure I can wait until August 2018 for the next book. I definitely don't want Maggie's adventures to end any time soon. I am living vicariously through her.

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